Saturday, 16 February 2013

Doctor Without Borders


Doctor Without Borders / M├ędecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) ??

Merupakan sebuah organisasi(non-profit) perubatan kemanusiaan yang menyediakan penjagaan perubatan kecemasan dan bantuan kepada 70 buah negara dalam krisis..

"I've always admired what they do," she says. " As an organization, they're among the first to react around the world. As individuals, they're incredibly brave, leaving their homes and countries in the [service] of others." So, tomorrow- a heavy-hitting day that includes the Chanel and Valentino shows- Freja will donate her entire day's salary to the charity, together with her fellow cat walker- from

They are amazing human being! Keep up the good work! ^_^



"Ahhhh, tak mau jatuh.." -----> (+_+)"

"Its ok! i will try to stand up again!" ^_^

Whenever you fought and did not fall, there is no 'courage'...
But, when you fought---> fall---> rose again...only then, the 'courage' completely defined..

Happy Saturday night! ^_^

I takut la nak berangan...haha~

Assalamualaikum ^_^

Adakah korang semua pernah mengucapkan kata-kata seperti dibawah?

"Huh! Aku tak berani la nak berangan lebih-lebih..takut tak tercapai~"

Here some motivation quotesss~hehe!

" If you are not achieving your dream yet, you need to slow down..and listen to your heart and mind..

The secret conversation of your own mind..will shape your destiny..little by little..
And don't ever forget to 'doa'.." 

" It will stay as your dream..until you write it down..only then it will become your goal.., so let's write down and make a list of all your DREAMS! "

Happy Saturday! and Never fear to dream! ^_^